Visit Vall-llebrera

Since the industrial revolution, modern life has led us to the big cities. Many localities have gradually lost their children, who for various reasons (work, family …) were becoming inhabitants of the great cities of the world. This has left people, full of life before, turned into desolate landscapes, inhabited only by a few people who do not yield to the pressure that has led many of us to live in the big cities.

The landscape of this month brings us to the region of La Noguera, way of the Pyrenees. There’s Vall-llebrera, a town nearly uninhabited, without council itself, which is administratively Artesa de Segre. Among ruined houses and corrals, test a splendor and a life long past, live about 20 irreducible, withstanding the high temperatures of summer and winter frosts.

This village, which is now a quiet and beautiful place where rural tourism and where it is impossible not to disconnect (the nearest store is seven miles away), was once a place full of life, inhabited by more than 100 people . Also hit by the Civil War, its buildings are a history book of the region and the country.

Vall-llebrera is a town of many, the kind that takes us into the past, and still holds its annual festival with caramelles, processions and muscatel. Our admiration for his brave inhabitants, a great example of that another world is possible.

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